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Control TechnologiesFZE (Ctrltech) is known for Power, Cooling & Monitoring solutions. Wedesign, supply offer Uninterruptiblepower supply (UPS), Computer Room Air Conditioner(CRAC) or Close Control Unit (CCU)or Precision Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier,Industrial dehumidifier,De-humidifier, Marine Dehumidifier,Humidifier, Battery,Voltagestabilizer, Voltageregulator, EvaporativeAir cooler, waterleak detection system, leakage detection, Static Transfer switch (STS),Environmental Monitoring, raisedflooring, PDUs, Frequencyconverter etc.

We offer followingProducts:

1) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): We supply online UPS ranging from 1kVAto 4800kVA.

2) Close Control Unit(CCU): CCU commonly use in Sever room, Datacenter & laboratories for precise control ofHumidity & Temperature. It is also known as Computer room Air Conditioner(CRAC) or PrecisionAir Conditioner(PAC) or close control air conditioner or server room airconditioner forDatacentercooling.

3) Dehumidifier: We supplyall types of dehumidifieror de-humidifier which includes Portable dehumidifier for home, Industrial Dehumidifier orcommercial dehumidifier,Swimming poolDehumidifier, Marine Dehumidifier,Desiccant Dehumidifieretc.

4) AutomaticVoltages Stabilizeror Automatic Voltageregulator (AVR): We supply voltagestabilizer ranging from 500VA to 100kVA. Servo stabilizer. Voltage stabilizer. Voltage regulator.

5) Battery: We offer VRLA SMFbatteries from 7AH to 250AH. We also offer Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cad)batteries.

6) Water Leak Detection System forserver room and Datacenter. Oil leak detection, gas leak detection & Refrigerantleak detection. Water leakdetection.

7) Static Transfer Switch (STS): 2 poles STS, 3 pole STS and 4 pole STS.

8) Humidifier.

9) Raised floor. Raised access floor. Raise floor. Access floor. Raised floor system. Access raised floor. Lindner raised floor. Perforated tiles.

10) EnvironmentalMonitoring, Temperature &Humidity Monitoring for Datacenter and server room.

11) Frequency converter. Static Frequency Converter. 50Hz, 60Hz & 400Hz

12) Industrial Cooler, Evaporative Cooler, Desert air cooler, Desert cooler, Outdoor air cooler, Outdoor cooler, Evaporative air cooler, Industrial air cooler, port-a-cool or port a cool, water cooler & CentralVacuum system.

Brands: GE, Airedale,ORTEA, AERIAL, BRY-AIR, YUASA, De'longhi, Novita, Bry-air,Ebac, Westinghouse,Frigidaire, Uniflair, port-a-cool, AIREDALE, Liebert, Denco, stulz, blue box, General Electric, GE, Liebert, Emerson, MGE, APC, Socomec, Chloride, Eaton, Powerware, Frigidaire FD30E, FD30E

We supply bestbrands of product available in market to achieve efficient solution. We promiseour customers with the highest quality of services possible. Ctrltech isdedicated to deliver world-class infrastructure services, effective solutions,competitive pricing and most importantly, excellent customer services thatlisten to the customers.



PO Box 122271,
Sharjah, UAE.
T: +971 6 5489626

Mobile: +971 50 1537113 / +971 55 2338912  
F: +971 6 5489627

E: sales@ctrltechnologies.com
W: www.ctrltechnologies.com

www.dehumidifier.ae  |  www.dehumidifier-uae.com  |  www.stabilizer-regulator.com  |  www.waterleakdetection-uae.com  |  www.datacenter-serverroom.com  |  www.raisedflooruae.com  |  www.aircooleruae.com 



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